Reasons You Should Get Your Window Glass Replaced

As time goes on, forces beyond your control can cause your windows to deteriorate. Windows are constantly exposed to the elements; ensuring they remain in a pristine condition is impossible. The seal can weaken, Mother Nature can crack the glass, or years of use could simply cause them to break down. But how do you know when a problem is serious? When is it time to replace the glass of the windows? Keep reading to learn about the most common signs that you need glass repair in Washington, D.C.


One of the most obvious signs that your glass needs to be repaired or replaced is cracking. Cracked glass is usually visible to the naked eye at first glance. The severity of the issue will depend on the size of the crack and how long it has been there. Cracks can cause air leaks, drafts, and water leaks. They also can pose a security threat, making it easier for thieves to break the window and enter your property. If one of your windows is cracked, get the glass replaced before the issue becomes any worse.


As mentioned, having a broken window can jeopardize the safety of your home. Not only are they easier to break, but they are also a calling card to burglars. Robbers often look for signs of vulnerable windows when choosing their next target. They look for signals like broken glass, rot on wooden frames, and windows that look generally worn. Damaged windows also say to others that you don’t really care about your home, making it an even bigger mark. To protect your family, your possessions, and yourself, fix your windows as soon as possible.


Do your double- or triple-pane windows often appear foggy? This typically means that there is condensation trapped in between the glass. Windows expand and contract due to the weather, which can cause the seal to deteriorate and, eventually, fail. Condensation means that your windows aren’t functioning at their optimal thermal performance, and you may begin to see higher energy bills because of it. Talk to a professional to see if a glass replacement is the right option for you. Sometimes, the broken seal and condensation are caused by the frame, not the glass.

Energy Efficiency

Replacing the glass of your windows can improve your home’s energy efficiency, lower your monthly bills, and help you to live a more eco-friendly life. According to Energy Star, homeowners can expect to save anywhere from $27 to $465 on their yearly energy costs. Though replacing your windows can be expensive, you would actually save money in the long term by tackling this home project.


Over time, windows naturally break down. Typically, windows have a lifespan of 10-15 years. The actual length of time your windows will last depends on how well you maintain them. If you clean and take care of them regularly, your windows may last longer than average. However, if you have had your windows for more than a decade and they haven’t been maintained, it may be time for a replacement.

If you believe your window glass needs to be repaired or replaced, reach out to us at Advanced Glass Expert for more information.

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