Lowering Your Energy Bill with Commercial Window Replacement

If you own a business, you know that your success or failure can depend on reducing costs and maximizing profits. Even small financial losses like those sustained due to inefficient energy usage at your place of business can add up and hamper your business profitability. Savvy business owners understand that those pennies wasted because of a lack of energy efficiency can represent a significant loss and work to mitigate them.

Commercial replacement windows can help your business achieve energy efficiency and lower energy bills dramatically. Old windows that are out of standard represent a tremendous source of energy loss through inefficient heating and cooling, and many aren’t maximized to utilize natural light that could reduce the need for artificial light. If your business has single-pane windows, there’s a good chance that you are losing a great deal of energy, which translates to lost dollars. Read here to learn how commercial window replacement in Washington, D.C., can help you reap the rewards of greater energy efficiency and lower your energy bills.

Two Panes are Better than One

Your HVAC system is the source of a large part of your commercial energy usage, and even if it’s a highly efficient unit with a great SEER rating, you may still be losing money when it comes to heating and cooling your property. Windows represent an area of easy interface in a commercial structure where the temperature of the air outside can influence the temperature inside. Therefore, replacing single-paned windows with modern double-paned windows can dramatically reduce energy loss by providing an insulative layer of air between the panes that isolates the air temperature on the outside from the inside. That reduces heat loss in the winter months and prevents heat gain in the summer, which will allow your HVAC unit to operate at its maximum efficiency and keep your bills lower.

Use Modern Energy-Efficient Glass

It’s not just the number of panes that can make your windows more energy efficient, but also the type of glass used to make them. You can further magnify the energy efficiency of your windows in the interest of lowering energy bills by installing windows that feature low-E, or low emissivity, glass. This special glass has a special coating that limits the amount of UV and infrared light that penetrates it. The coating doesn’t impact the amount of visual light that comes through but reflects the heat that’s associated with it. That can make your windows even more energy efficient and further lower energy bills. Even frameless glass storefront windows can be made more energy efficient if modern low-E type glass is used to keep heat transfer to a minimum.

Frames Impact Energy Efficiency

When it comes to the energy efficiency of windows, a lot of attention is devoted toward the glass. However, there are also improved window frames that can help keep energy costs down as well and provide incremental savings when combined with other window components. Aluminum thermal break frames create another layer of insulation within the frame that can protect the sanctity of your interior air from the effects of seasonal temperatures. These frames use an insulative barrier and gas-filled glazing to provide reduce temperature transfer, which will keep your energy bills down.

Take Advantage of Rebates and Incentives

While there’s some initial cost involved in changing your commercial windows out for more energy-efficient models, the savings on your energy bills will pay for the cost many times over during the life of your business. However, rebates and incentives offered by governmental bodies or local utility companies can help offset the cost even more. Conduct research to locate the best rebates for your window replacement project, and make sure that you choose energy-efficient windows that qualify for those perks. That can take the sting out of commercial window replacement and make your decision a simple one.

By replacing your old commercial windows with modern energy-efficient models, you can see a dramatic reduction in energy bills that will save your business money. Lowering overhead is one of the key factors in the success of any business, and you’ll get the fringe benefit of a more comfortable workspace in addition to lower energy bills. To learn more about how window replacement can save you money on energy bills, contact Advanced Glass Expert at (703) 935-4100.

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