Mistakes to Avoid When Installing Frameless Shower Doors

Nothing says class and style quite like a frameless glass shower door. These contemporary design features can lift your whole bathroom into a more modern space. But choosing the right door is only one part of it; it must be installed correctly too. Proper installation is essential to ensure that the door is as beautiful and functional as you need it to be. Still, people often make mistakes when purchasing and installing these bathroom doors. Keep reading to learn more about these common mistakes and how you can avoid them.

Choosing the Cheapest Option

No matter if you are talking about the shower door or the installation contractor, going with the cheapest option is never a good idea. Typically, you get what you pay for. When you go with the least expensive door and contractor, you will end up with a low-quality door installed incorrectly. Instead of focusing on the lowest prices, look for the best value so you can find products that offer the best bang for your buck.


Though choosing the cheapest option can be a problem, so is spending too much money. People frequently go over their budget by failing to consider the costs of hiring a contractor for installation. They blow their budget on an expensive frameless shower door and forget to think about how they will put it up in their home. You can avoid this mistake by researching contractors ahead of time and comparing their prices and services. Also, be sure to account for more than just the cost of the door.

Overlooking Functionality

Another common purchasing and installation mistake is forgetting about functionality. Though a frameless door may look beautiful, it also needs to work well for you and your family. When picking out the door, consider the needs of your household. Do you need grab bars, additional storage, and towel bars? Will your children be able to reach the handle to open and close the door? Consider who will be using the door and how they will be using it so you can ensure that it is installed properly for your home.

Not Considering the Shower Head Placement

Nobody likes a leaky shower; they’re frustrating, and they make a huge mess in your bathroom. When installing the shower door, think about where the shower head is located in relation to the door opening. The hinges of the door should be on the opposite side of the shower than the shower head. This will minimize the amount of water that spills out when the door is open.

Choosing the Wrong Contractor

The frameless shower door is only as good as the person you hire to install it. Though you may choose a door that looks stunning in the showroom, it won’t look half as good if it is crooked and scraping your bathroom floor. Take your time to find the best contractor for frameless shower doors installation in Alexandria, VA. Read reviews online from past customers so you can get a better idea of what it will be like to work with the contractor. You can also ask your friends and family members for recommendations.

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