Qualities You Must Look for in a Window Replacement Company

If you need to have windows replaced, then you’ll need to find a company that provides custom window glass replacement near you. Whether your windows were damaged, are drafty, or just need to be upgraded for style reasons, glass replacement and window treatments should be left to professionals. Professional window glass replacement is more secure and looks better, too. You can also get great recommendations on long-lasting products. But where should you go to find these services? A simple online search can connect you with several options in your area. However, here are the qualities that you shouldn’t compromise on. These are the qualities that you should look for in window replacement companies near you.


Anyone could technically—and very easily—call themselves a window glass professional and fool the public. People have been scammed by false companies or untrained amateurs who demand up-front payment and then perform poor installation work. So, here’s what to find to determine if you’re actually working with a professional. Call a window replacement company and ask if they’re licensed and bonded, employ well-screened employees, and are insured. The latter is especially important to protect you as a homeowner.


How experienced is a given company? If they’re experienced in replacing and upgrading home windows, they should include this information on their website. How long has a given company been in business? Do they have a portfolio of their prior work or even great reviews by their previous clients? It’s important to find proof that a window replacement company has done good work. That way, you know what to expect when they visit your property.

High-Quality Products

A good window replacement company should only carry high-quality products. That means well-treated glass, strong and secure window frames, and even products with advanced features such as UV-filtering tint. Good windows make your home look better. They also make your home more secure and offer other advantages, such as the ability to let in warm, natural light. Are there certain brands that a given window replacement company prefers? Call a local service to ask about their line of products.

Fair Quotes

Quotes aren’t always going to be 100% accurate. After all, even a good contractor can’t guarantee that they won’t run into complications during installation. For instance, what if you just want to replace window glass but find that an entire window frame is damaged? Regardless, a good window replacement company should gladly offer quotes for their services. The prices should be good, but not unusually cheap; this is a sign of a low-quality and inexperienced contractor. If any contractor refuses to offer you a quote, hang up the phone and move on.

Great Customer Service

Finally, great customer service is a necessity. A good window replacement company cares about its clientele and will gladly offer kind and courteous services to people like you. That means being treated with professionalism and being listened to. A good contractor may have certain product or service recommendations, but they should understand that you make the final call when selecting the work you need done.

Whether you need broken window replacement or another window service, call Advanced Glass Expert first. We offer high-quality window glass replacement in Washington, D.C., and proudly represent all of the qualities of a good, professional window service.

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