Signs You Need to Buy New Shower Doors

Your shower’s door is one of the most important parts of the shower set-up. Not only does this door serve a functional purpose, but it also contributes to the room’s style. If your shower door is starting to look a little worse for the wear or you’re having problem with it, then it might be time to replace the shower door. Continue reading to learn more about how to tell that you need shower door replacement in Alexandria, VA.

The Door Doesn’t Close Correctly

Your shower door should close and open easily. Did you recently have glass shower door replacement  and started having problems after? If so, the solution could be calling your installer and asking for a redo. This sounds like an installation issue. However, if you’ve had the door for many years, parts might have worn down. Repairing the door is likely more expensive than replacing it.

The Door Doesn’t Fit Properly

Over time, houses settle on their foundations. You might notice cracks form in the corners between walls or other signs of settling. Settling also affects shower doors. If the door fit well when it was installed but has gradually begun to give you problems, it’s probably a side effect of the house settling. There’s not much you can do when this happens other than replace the door for a better fit.

Rust and Corrosion on the Frame

Your shower door is exposed to moisture every day. Even well-made shower doors fall victim to rust and corrosion. As doors age, you’ll notice this problem more and more. You don’t have to live with worn out shower doors. Replace the door and the frame for a refreshed look.

Broken Glass

Anytime the glass breaks or shatters, you need to replace the door. Continuing to use broken doors will result in injury. Glass repair kits aren’t ideal because they don’t have the strength to fix this type of problem. Instead, start shopping for shower door glass replacement and install a door that will create a beautiful, calming atmosphere.

A Leaky Door

Have you noticed water escaping every time you take a shower? If there’s water on the outside of the shower, inspect the shower door. It’s the most obvious culprit. When dealing with a leaky shower door, it’s better to go ahead and start shower door replacement shopping. Even if you’re content wiping up the water, there’s still the possibility of water seeping beneath the flooring and causing the sub-floor to rot. Take this opportunity to upgrade your shower door and give your bathroom a new look.

Why These Problems Happen

Shower doors aren’t meant to last a lifetime because they’re installed in an area that receives a lot of moisture every day. Eventually, mold, mineral deposits, and soap scum do damage to your door. Problems such as glass discoloration, rusted door frames, and shattered glass doors happen. Although it’s frustrating to hear you need shower door replacement, the good news is that it’s an easy job and doors are available at many different price points.

When you’re ready to install new shower doors, work with experts who install doors every day. While it’s not too difficult to install shower doors, it’s always better to leave this job to people who have the expertise for a safe installation. Contact Advanced Glass Experts at (703) 935-4100 to learn more about shower door replacement services in Alexandria, VA.

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