Tips for Cleaning a New Glass Shower Door

Once you invest in custom shower doors, you’ll see the difference that they make in every bathroom. They add a bright and spacious effect and modernize any bathroom, even ones with very traditional features. Of course, this means keeping your new shower doors looking their best. You should maintain them well and try to avoid bumping into them or otherwise risking breaking the glass. And you should also keep them very clean.

The cleaner your shower doors look, the more elegant and neater your bathroom will appear. But how should you clean them? Even the best new shower doors need particular care. You don’t clean them exactly the way you would clean a mirror or how you’d clean tile shower walls. Thankfully, this guide can help you to protect your investment. Here are some fast and convenient ways to keep your glass shower doors clean, as well as protect them from mildew, soap scum, and other flaws.

Get Rid of Buildup

The enemy of any bathroom is in unwanted buildup. When it comes to showers, this means trying to eliminate hard water stains and soap scum. Minerals in your water interact with soap to form calcified, hard, and blotchy marks on showers. On glass doors, they’ll be particularly obvious. Of course, this means that it’s easier to find and eliminate the flaws too. Make sure you wipe down the glass with a squeegee or microfiber cloth after each shower session. This will prevent buildup from forming or accumulating.

Get Convenient Tools

You need the right tools for the job, as well as ones that make the job easier. That means trying rubber squeegees. Many of these inexpensive tools come with suction cups so you can access and store them easily. You can even find stylish ones in fun colors or a stainless-steel finish. Microfiber cloths are also a must. They can reach tough places, such as the spots under door handles, and attract moisture. Clean them once a week to keep them fresh.

Try a Good Cleaner

A good cleaning solution is necessary to keep your shower sanitary and your glass doors looking good as new. Try a good daily cleaner, such as the type available at your local grocery store. You can even make your own with white vinegar and lemon juice for ultimate stain-fighting power and a fresh scent. The more often you apply cleaners, the less often you’ll need to deep clean grime such as mildew. While bleach is commonly used to clean bathrooms, its scent can put off some people, and interacting with it can irritate or even burn your skin. However, it’s great for repairing severely dirty, mildewy shower doors.

More Information

For more information on shower doors care, contact a professional retailer of new shower doors in Washington, D.C. Advanced Glass Expert offers fine glass shower doors, and can advise you as to how to keep them looking their best for many years. Talk to us about the types of glass you should use, get product recommendations, and more. We even offer style advice to help you transform your old-fashioned shower into a beautifully stylish and modern one. Call us today at 703-935-4100.

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