Top Considerations When Choosing a New Shower Door

When renovating your home’s bathroom space, it can be exciting to rejuvenate the area by installing new shower doors. Shower doors come in a variety of configurations, including the en vogue frameless shower doors that are found in many upscale homes. While many may consider shower doors as a purely utilitarian device, they also can be used as an aesthetic accent that can add classical style and panache to one of the most used rooms in any home.

With a dizzying array of styles and materials available in the shower door market currently, attempting to select the right door for your needs can be overwhelming. However, by understanding a few basic shower door concepts, you can divine a few important considerations that will help you narrow the field of competitors for your attention and help you arrive at the perfect shower doors for your needs. Continue reading to learn more about some of the things you should consider when selecting shower doors for your home.

Door Design and Type

Shower doors are available in a wide range of types including framed single panels and elaborate multisided shapes crafted exclusively from frameless glass. First, you must think about the shower space you’ll be enclosing. Is it bordered by three walls, two walls, one wall, or no walls? That will inform the style of shower door enclosure you select. Determine if you have a bathtub shower, stand-alone alcove shower, or a corner stand-alone shower. If space is limited, you may want to consider bypass doors that take up less area and don’t need much room to open. Round doors open inward and allow ease of usage with corner stand-alone showers. Neo-angle doors can be implemented into uniquely shaped corner stand-alone designs. Make sure that the doors you are considering are appropriate for the type of shower space you hope to enclose.

Measure, Then Measure Again

Another important consideration when selecting shower doors is the shower space and its dimensions. The door you select will ultimately need to match the height and width of your shower door, obviously. But make sure that you also account for design and structural elements that may add width and depth to the shower space. That’s why it’s important to measure your door space after other elements have been erected. Just going by the measurements on the box can be ill-advised. Measure to the nearest sixteenth of an inch for the best accuracy. Only consider doors that are less than or equal to these dimensions.

Frame Style and Glass

While traditional shower doors feature transparent, frosted, or opaque glass encased in steel or aluminum frames, modern glass doors have largely gone frameless. That means that sections of frameless glass are attached with minimal metal clips and hardware to create the shower enclosure. There are doors that match that style as well, offering an upscale appearance, reduced maintenance, and excellent functionality. You’ll also need to decide what type of glass finish you’d like. If you have elaborate stone or tile work in your shower space, you may prefer transparent glass. However, if you’re more concerned with privacy, frosted or pattered glass can fit the need while remaining stylish and sophisticated aesthetically.

If you’re in the market for new shower doors, consider these tips for selecting the right shower doors for your space. To purchase your new shower doors in Alexandria, VA, visit Advanced Glass Expert today.

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