What to Expect When You Get Your Windows Replaced

Whether your windows have been damaged due to a recent storm or they’re simply in need of an upgrade, there’s no shortage of reasons you may require window replacement services. Windows will normally last anywhere between 15 to 20 years, at which point they need to be replaced. Tasked with keeping fresh air contained within your home while blocking rain, snow, and bugs from coming in, windows play a vital role in the efficiency of your home. Poorly installed windows will not only fail to properly insulate your home, but they’ll also require more frequent repairs that could cost you a fortune over time.

If you’re ready to call on a company that specializes in window glass replacement in Alexandria, VA, there are some things you should know before the installation process begins. Since they’re such an important component of your home, you need to ensure the window replacement job gets done right the first time around. By working with a reputable, experienced company that has a proven track record of quality work, you’ll surely be satisfied with your brand new windows. Here are the top 5 things you should expect from window replacement services.

Prepping Your Home

You want to make it easy for your window contractors to work both inside and outside your home. This means creating clear pathways for your installer team to use, in addition to moving furniture away from the windows being worked on. You’ll also want to trim any hedges or trees that are hanging in front of your windows. If you have any security features installed on your windows, make sure these are disabled to avoid setting them off.

The Installation Process

Qualified window companies can normally replace windows in 30 minutes. However, the time it takes them to complete the job will depend on your home’s personal circumstances. Once professionals have removed windows from their openings, they’ll begin placing the new windows in and ensuring they fit properly. You should try to be present throughout the installation process in case any issues arise that require your consultation.

Additional Maintenance

During the installation process, your window contractors may notice other issues that require additional maintenance. Whether it’s related to rotting wood surrounding your windows or inefficient seals, it’s not uncommon for installers to detect additional problems while working.

Ensure Quality Work

Before the window replacement team leaves after completing their work, take a walk around your home and inspect your new windows. Don’t feel awkward asking questions about your new windows, as you ought to feel completely comfortable with the work that’s just been provided. If you notice any problems, bring them up to your contractors immediately, as they’ll likely mend these issues free of charge.

Warranty Options

Once your replacement windows have been properly installed, your contractors will likely explain their warranty options. Opting in for a warranty is always a smart decision, as it ensures you’re protected in the event your windows require repairs. Be sure to review your warranty options and choose the one that best suits your needs.

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